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The Awesome Power of Recognition!

Many people will do for recognition what they will not do for money. Strange, but true. Some people are more motivated by the opportunity to get their name on the wall, receive a trophy at an annual banquet, or see their name in the company newsletter, than they are by some form of compensation.

Look for ways to recognize excellence in the workplace. Its so inexpensive,yet highly effective. JP Maroney, The Productivity Path

Why Recognition is so Important

    Today’s managers have fewer ways to influence employees and shape their behavior. It is no longer a control factor.
    Downsizing and a tight labor market has forced employees to do more than ever before, many times for the same pay.
    A demographic shift has left fewer workers available in the post-baby boom era.
    The competitive marketplace is forcing companies to look for incentives other than money to recognize and reward achievement.

Questions to ask when starting a Recognition Program in Your Company.

    How much money should be invested? What do we have to invest?
    How much time will it take to implement it?
    Who will be responsible for the programs implementation?
    How can we keep employees excited?
    How do we know if it is producing a return on investment?
    Are there drawbacks of using employee recognition?
    What about Team VS Individual recognition?

Reinforcing Behavior with Appreciation!

Great leaders know that if you want a behavior repeated, you must reinforce it. They make sure people hear from them when theyve done well, not just when they’ve made mistakes.

The key to developing people is to catch them doing something right.

 Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, The One Minute Manager

Three Keys to Motivating with Appreciation

    Be spontaneous.
    Be genuine.
    Be specific.
    Be consistent.

How Great Leaders Maximize the Results of Appreciation

    Practice it personally.
    Teach, promote and expect it at all levels of the organization.

How You Can Put the Power of Appreciation to Work

    Write notes.
    Send emails.
    Use cards.
    Get among your people.


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